With every rental we provide

  • Written handling instructions for a safe cruise and basic medical information.
  • Video Tutorials (45 minutes).
  • A lesson with an experienced boat operator to assure that you’ll have a safe trip.
  • Useful information about the Island (places to visit, mooring spots etc).
  • A recommended daily itinerary depending on the weather conditions.
  • A map of the island with all points of interest.
  • Two rescue boats to provide essential backup and safety services.
  • Technical coverage and support in case of an emergency.
  • We exclusively provide a high-quality GPS tracking system with an emergency alarm button in every single boat we offer for rent. From our office, we monitor in real-time the precise location of every boat and can reach you immediately in case of an emergency.
  • Your route with your boat via email through google earth maps.
  • Free-extras: ice cooler box, infant-kid life jackets, waterproof bag.
  • Free delivery to your holiday rental home (for minimum 3-day bookings in a row).

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