Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have previous experience to hire a boat?

No. Our staff will give you a full tutorial and show you how to use the controls and safety equipment on board and how to manoeuvre and moor the boat safely. They will also accompany you for a practice run before you depart. On board you will have a detailed Skipper’s Manual which contains all the information you might need.

How old I have to be in order to rent a boat?

You must be 18 years or older in order to rent one of our boats.

Do I need a license?

Boating in the Ionian Islands does not require a boat license for motors up to 30hp. For boats with bigger motors, previous boating experience and a valid speed boat driver’s license from the country of residence is required.

Do I need Insurance?

All speed boats are covered by third party insurance. RIBs are covered with full insurance (with excess fee).

Do I pay for the fuel?

Upon your return to the port and depending on the fuel level, you will pay the amount that has been consumed.

Is the fuel enough for our trip?

The fuel tank before your departure is always full. We can guarantee you that you will not need more! Ιn case you run out of fuel do not panic. All our boats are equipped with a high-quality GPS tracking system that shows us your position on the map in real-time. Also, we are the only company on Paxos that has two rescue boats in order to be able to reach you immediately in case of emergency. So, just stay on your boat, relax, and we will be with you very soon to refuel your tank.

Do we need good weather?

We love sunshine and warm weather but it’s not essential. We always check the weather forecast and we give you instructions in order to be 100% safe and enjoy your boating day!

What if the weather does not allow us to take the boat?

In case of bad weather and if the port authorities do not allow the boats to go out because of the weather conditions, money is returned.

How far can I go?

During your safety instructions briefing you will be informed the exact locations and distances you can go to.

I do not know how to swim; can I get on the boat?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you always have your lifejacket on.

Can children or babies get on the boat?

All ages are welcome on our boats. Children must always be safely seated with their lifejackets on. It is recommended that all boaters wear life vests.

Is it safe?

As long as you respect the boat and the sea, yes, it is. Just watch where you go, do not take the boat to the limit and we guarantee that you are going to have a perfect cruise.

Can I get lost?

Actually not as you will follow the coastline. In case this happens for any reason, do not worry at all! All our boats are equipped with a high-quality GPS tracking system that shows us your position on the map every single minute,  in real-time. So, just give us a call and we even give you instructions on the phone on how to return or we come and show you the way.

What should I bring with me on board?

You should bring your own towels, jackets, medications against seasickness, medication against insect bites, sunblock, hats, sun glasses, your camera etc.

Can I pay with a credit card?

The boat can be paid by credit card. The cost of fuel and skipper (if there is one) is payable only in cash.

Do you require a deposit?

30% deposit of the total amount is required for validation of the rental. The remaining 70% is paid prior the boat leaves our premises.

Do the boats have Canopies?

Yes, all our boats have sun canopies, which you can easily put down if you want to enjoy the sun.

Do you offer Water Sport Services?

No. But if you rent a power boat or a RIB, we offer with an extra charge ski equipment, wakeboard, tubes & sofa. If you do not have boat license but still want a day full of fun, you can rent a power boat or a RIB with a skipper and enjoy water toys for all day long!

How close can I go to the beach?

According to the law, you are not allowed to reach the beach and disturb the swimmers. But even if there are no swimmers, never approach the beach with your boat because this can become really dangerous for you. You must keep a safe distance (200 – 300 meters), drop your anchor and swim in order to reach the beach.

Can I moor my boat to other ports?

Yes of course you can. We will give you all information needed and a map including all the ports where you can moor your boat. It is very important that you have very good experience with boats in order to keep your boat safe.

In case of technical problem how do I have to react?

We provide technical coverage and support in case of emergency. You just call us any time or press the alarm button and we will come and help you.

In case we meet dolphins what, should we do in order to reach them?

If you are lucky and you meet dolphins on your way, you do not have to start shouting or screaming. We know it’s amazing but in order to keep them close to you, you must travel at a low speed and keep calm. Never try to swim with them because dolphins are cute but still very big animals and they will probably hurt you by accident. So, stay in your boat, travel slowly in parallel with them, and enjoy!

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