Around the island – Blue Caves – Antipaxos

A Unique cruise experience

This trip was born as a result of our efforts to organize a cruise that will offer our guests the opportunity to discover as many outstanding hidden spots of Paxos and Antipaxos in one day, as possible.

Loggos to Lakka & West Coast of Paxos

We set out from Loggos at 10:15 and we visit Lakka to take some pictures of the picturesque fishing village with the natural circular harbor-the favorite stop for the sailing boats. Then, we cross the west coast of Paxos at low speed to make our trip pleasant and take in the views along the way. Below the white cliffs, we take the boat into the first cave with the stunning blue waters and then we explore the inside of the biggest cave of Ypapanti which is 1200 meters long and according to the legend it communicates with the church of Ypapanti in Magazia.

Continuing our trip, we cross the imposing cliffs of Erimitis, we enter one more enchanting cave there, and we stop for our first swim in one of the most beautiful bays of Paxos set below the soaring cliffs. Anchor up and we sail to Achai. There, we will get inside the first out of the three exceptional caves that communicate with each other and then we will anchor, and you will have the chance to swim and snorkel in a variety of shades of blue. Do not forget to swim in the second cave and look at the blue sky – the roof has fallen and as a result, there is a hole that illuminates the cave in a magical way.

More Blue Caves & the Arch

After our refreshing swim, we continue to explore Ortholithos, an impressive standing rock in the sea. This will be the last cave that we will enter, with beautiful waters and the view of a vertical rock pinned into the crystal-clear sea. The last place to visit on the west of Paxos, couldn’t be other but the famous Tripitos arch or “Kamara”. We will admire the enormous and elegant structure of this natural bridge surrounded by blue and green waters.


Only ten minutes needed to reach the emerald Island of Antipaxos but our first stop will not be a common one. We decided to drive you to Rodovani bay, one of our favorite spots on the west coast of Antipaxos. A secret beautiful beach which you should visit once in your lifetime and enjoy a swim in total relaxation in the clear turquoise waters. Afterward, we will visit one of the possibly most beautiful beaches in the world, Vrika. With white, soft sand, and breathtaking turquoise waters, you will feel like swimming in a pool with a green background. This little Island just seems to be a raw piece of heaven. We will stop there for two hours when you can do anything you wish. Enjoy the sea, a picnic, or lunch in one of the restaurants to try some local Greek tastes.

East coast of Paxos

We leave Antipaxos at 15:45 and we start our trip back to Loggos, crossing the stunning narrow channel between Mongonissi and the little round Islet of Caltsonisi with the one and only church on it. Our last swim will take place at Balos beach, a small, quiet idyllic beach with beautiful surroundings and the view of many sailing boats. Then, we will cross Gaios, and slowly we will return to Loggos happy, with many beautiful and unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

Need to know

Useful tips: swimming costume, a towel, snorkeling equipment, sunblock, a hat, and a camera. You can bring your picnic if you wish.

We offer you for free: water, iced tea, yogurt with honey, ouzo, snacks, and snorkeling equipment.

Start point: Loggos

Depart: 10:15 / Return: 16:45

Max people onboard: 30

A great opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful scenery!

*If the departure of the boat is not advisable – or may be dangerous due to conditions such as bad weather or technical problems, then the captain has the sole discretion to delay or postpone the cruise departure or even make adjustments to the itinerary for safety reasons.

**The boat is fully renovated (2020).

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